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When: 24th To 10:30 am - 3:00 pm


The Floyd 'Pop' Dreyer Story

Out of the love for his grandfather, Mike Dreyer wrote this biography on Floyd "Pop" Dreyer. He researched

to see if the stories about his grandfather were true or just exaggerations. He found out many stories were understated.

Floyd Dreyer was inducted into Knoxville's National Sprint Car hall of Fame and Indianapolis' National Midget Hall of Fame.

From the humble beginnings of his life in rural Ohio, through his young manhood and his all-out effort to become a famous motorcycle racer, all the way to his days as one of the nation's premier race car builders and a successful business entrepreneur, Mike Dreyer tells the story of his grandfather Floyd "Pop" Dreyer's colorful, adventuresome life.

Written from Pop's perspective, this story gives you the feeling of really being there as it happened. See how the youngster transferred his ideal of becoming a rodeo cowboy from horseback to a motorcycle, when he rides his brother's cycle for the first time. You'll learn the heartaches he faced as a young father trying to raise children alone.

You'll meet his friends, rivals, mechanics and hustling promoters. Follow with amazement his cutting edge expertise as a racing car builder and fabricator. Read how he was one of the last sprint car owners to build his own machine, engine and all, from the ground up.

Discover the amazing facts and many outstanding breakthroughs in racing technology pioneered by Pop's small Dreyer Racing Equipment Company, which caused builders like Frank Kurtis to look upon him with awe and admiration.

You'll come to know some of his drivers. How they lived and drove with such daring and skill, at a time when death was lurking behind every splintered fence, around every dusty curve.

Come to understand why Pop finally got out of racing to become one of the Midwest's most successful seller of motorcycles. And how his mechanical ability and fabrication techniques changed what motorcyclists ride today.

See how the youngster transferred his ideal of becoming a rodeo cowboy from horseback to a motorcycle, when he rides his brother's cycle for the first time. Get set for a thrilling ride from start to finish. This is the real story on Pop Dreyer from the guy who loved it, as ably retold by one who knew him best.

Pop Dreyer Ride 2019 Indianapolis


The pulled pork lunch with lots of sides was outstanding. Combine that with some generous little touches such as checking and airing up the tires on all the bikes, a free tire gauge and kickstand plate. Then throw in a police escorted ride through Indy and you have a great day. It's always fun to run all the stoplights and stop signs in town. But that's not all. Nosing around Dreyer's shop and warehouse was rewarded with seeing some of the old bikes tucked away in spots where customers don't usually have access. Dreyer's is the oldest Honda dealership in the country.

Oh, yeah, and then there was this other little perk thrown in. The police escort led us to the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We watched for ten minutes or so while the pros were practicing for the Moto GP which will take place in a few days. Once they got the track cleared off we all had a chance to take a lap around the track. Wow, what a cool experience to see the track while riding on the track instead of sitting in the bleachers. Coming down the straightaway with the grandstands on both sides I was struck with a very strong sense of place that no picture could capture.